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For Amazon and Shopify sellers who still do not know Tiktok Video Production and Tiktok shop, you may have been missing a huge opportunity for your brand and products. Tiktok became the most downloaded app in 2020 with over 66.8 millions users in the US. 1 billion active users and dominating the short video market tin the World. As a Tiktok Video Production Agency, we offer premium and creative  Tiktok video production for ecommerce sellers of Amazon and Shopify, to help their brand and private product exposed!

Tiktok is the new trend of ecommerce

Ecommerce & Tiktok Video Production Agency

Tiktok is moving from pure entertaining and knowledge app to ecommerce. In December 2021, Tiktok has opened up Tiktok Shop in UK and Indonesia followed by Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand in March 2022. Tiktok business accounts in these countries are allowed to open Tiktok shop to sell their products,  both ecommerce and offline products via Tiktok shop. The trend of this innovative new ecommerce selling channel is expected to further open for 20 more countries.


How can our creative Tiktok Video Production Agency Service benefit your ecommerce of Amazon and Shopify? Not only Tiktok has partnered with Shopify – which helps drive For Amazon sellers, by using Tiktok with creative Tiktok video production content posting on your Tiktok channel, you can drive significant number of potential online customers to your Amazon link on your Tiktok account profile.


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MARCH 2020 - Fashion blog

Why Need a Tiktok Video Production Agency?

If you are a ecommerce sellers, you shouldn’t ignore Tiktok  Video Production service as a very good opportunity for new channel of sales and traffics. How Tiktok  video can help Amazon and Shopify Sellers to drive sales and brand awareness? Amazon and Shopify sellers can use Tiktok video production agto build up a strong brand awareness and exposure by delivering valuable brand content and message to target market and Tiktok audience. On the Tiktok profile page, you can put your own website address link that leads to your own Amazon and Shopify store, or any other websites, to drive valuable traffic and sales by consistently creating valuable branded short video and content.

MARCH 2020 - Fashion blog

Our Creative Tiktok Video Production Agency Service

It’s the best time to launch your Tiktok campaign for your brand now. While Tiktok is a very good and underestimated platform to help drive great traffics to your ecommerce store, the cost of it is fairly low now because it is still in a very low competition stage. It is the best time ever for ecommerce brands and products to participate in Creative Tiktok  Video Production for brands and products. Our Tiktok Content Creation Agency Service offers great branded Tiktok content creation to ecommerce sellers who are selling on online platform such as Amazon and Shopify. Our content creators and director teams shoot and create valuable branded short videos and content focuses on your audience who are mostly likely to purchase in your product category. Through our brand and product inquiry, we identify the potential hit topics and trends of your business and plan and create the best fit short videos for your ecommerce brand and products!


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With years of online marketing experience for brand  and product videos, we provide one of the best Tiktok video production services to our clients in need of exposing their brands and online business. Through our pre-project researching and planning and effective communication, we ensure our team to fully understand the core value of your brand and audience/customers. Secondly, we research competitors and short video references of your product and brand to identify the best way to introduce your brand with video content. We plan and create a detail plan and branded story line for your review and approval. After it is approved, our video creators and videographers will start the shooting. We are proud to help out many brands with quality short video and creativities.

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