Freight Forwarding and FBA Prep Service

Clickperbox® Freight Forwarder - Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Shipping your products directly from China to all Amazon FBA fulfilment centers including US, UK, EU, CA, AU, UAE and more. Domestic pickup at your Chinese factory is available now! 

Clickperbox Freight Forwarder China to FBA


Freight Forwarding- Pickup From Your Factory China and Ship to Amazon FBA

We provide freight forwarding shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA fulfilment centers. Have your Chinese factory to send us your goods and we will take care of everything you as an Amazon FBA seller is looking for– from receiving, inspecting, relabelling, goods splitting, inserts, and to much more!


Air Transport (FedEx, DHL, and UPS)

We offer fast shipping DDP options by FedEx, DHL, and UPS in a competitive price, 3-5 days from China to US and UK and other most common Amazon marketplaces (Canada and EU). Our air shipping option is best suited for small orders such as 200 units to the Amazon FBA fulfilment centers and door-to-door residential address (sample receiving). Our quotation has no hidden fees. Have coming FBA shipments that needs air transport? Contact us

....3-5 days ship from China to Amazon Fulfilment Centers


Sea Transport - The Low Cost Option

Sea transport has significantly lower costs and is suitable for oversized or heavy FBA products. We ship your FBA products by ocean freight DDP and handle your domestic delivery to Amazon fulfilment centers. One quotation with no hidden fees. Need to book your sea transport? Contact us now

...15-25 working days ship to the Amazon FBA fulfilment centers


FBA Preparation Service 

Clickperbox Freight Forwarder from China to FBA


Receiving / Free Inspection

Every time we receive your new shipment, we carefully unpack one of your box and take picture of it and send you for review. We will also do a clean receiving report to show you what is the quantity/boxes, etc. being received.


Free Storage

We provide 100% free storage for your goods in our warehouse in China. With proper temperature control and warehousing management, we ensure your goods stay at best condition and are ready to process and ship out in the same working day.


Rebelling / Restickering

At least one or more of the time in your Amazon FBA business you would encounter a labeling problem either for your FBA shipment or your products in China. No matter who made that mistakes, we will help you fix it as soon as possible. Our warehousing team has great experience in handling FBA related relabeling problems in shipment level or product level. The most common ones are:

Product level:

  • FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Country of Origin (The Made In China stickers – we can supply the stickers and label it for you)
  • UPC (Universal Product Code)
  • EANs (European Article Number)
  • Your brand logo sticker

 Shipment level:

  • FBA Shipping Label
  • Box Sticker

Contact us now to discuss your labelling needs


Goods Splitting Service

As a successful Amazon FBA seller, you are likely to sell your brand/product(s) in multiple Amazon marketplaces Worldwide. While we have competitive air transport and sea transport rates to most popular marketplace including United States, United Kingdom, and Japan, we also help you to handle the splitting work of your goods for the shipments to different marketplace (or FBA fulfilment centers). Being flexible is of our core values for seller like you. To learn more, contact us HERE



Your customers is going to appreciate you when they see your sweet and beautiful thank-you-insertions. Forgot to have your factory to do that for you? Or just having a last-minute situation? We will help you handle the inserts placement in our warehouse before shipping out to the Amazon FBA warehouse.


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