Custom Product Packaging for FBA

Clickperbox® Custom Product Packaging for Amazon FBA

A great way to product differentiation for Amazon FBA. Clickperbox® provides more than just a “adding-a-logo” packaging for your online products. We ship custom packaging boxes to China, US, UK, CA, AU, EU, and many countries! Contact us now.

Clickperbox Custom Product Packaging

Have you been always thinking on how to differentiate your Amazon FBA products, after you finding a good potential product(s) in your product research stage?

While you might be thinking it always has to cost a lot of time and money to just add-on an extra feature or variations, in fact, getting a branded good packaging is a very cost effective and time efficient way differentiate your FBA product(s).


Clickperbox™ provides a one-stop solution for your product differentiation and custom packaging needs to your Amazon products.

  1. Professional custom packaging design (and inserts too!)
  2. Custom packaging manufacturing in China 


1. Professional Custom Packaging Design

We are experienced in creating stunning custom packaging design and know every aspect of how packaging works in the Amazon FBA field. We will bring your product branding to a new level.

  1. Great custom design that reflects the quality of your brand
  2. In-depth product research based on your Amazon search keywords and top competitors
  3. Well-done final die lines files ready for custom manufacturing


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2. Custom Packaging Samples

With Clickperbox™, we always strive to offer you a true hassle free one-stop service. After you have approved our packaging design work (or if you already have a custom packaging design files), we will be making a physical custom packaging sample and send it to your oversea address for your approval.


Clickperbox Custom Packaging Manufacturing 

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3. Custom Packaging Manufacturing

Have you always been having a headache because of the high MOQ from your packaging factories? Most of the time, it makes zero sense to order 2,000 packaging boxes just to get the custom packaging idea started. At Clickperbox™, we understand that some products require longer period in thier testing phrase; and thus, we have a low MOQ requirement for your packaging needs. Now you can differentiate and brand your new product(s) within making a massive investment just to test out the products (with a packaging box).


Some of the most common custom packaging box types that we offer: 

  1. Corrugated Box
  2. Paper Gift Cardboard Box
  3. Gift Packaging Box
  4. Custom Luxury Shipping Box
  5. Jewelry Packaging Box


We ship your custom packaging boxes to China directly to your product factories, or oversea including US, UK, CA, AU, EU, and many more places!


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