10 Tips to have good product photography in China for Amazon and other E-commerce Platforms (Part 2)

Eye of DSLR

Viewing things from the perspective of a professional may bring more quality and accentuate the product's worth as well. Having the eye of a DSLR to capture the real image of your product is remarkably excellent.

They are so efficient and well-designed to perform great outcomes for making the China product photography. DSLR cameras have next-level features to deliver quality and professional grip on image photography making.  Due to these reasons, it is the top-notch device preferred by China photographers to get what they want for making their best images with a single tool.

Look for the Background

Your background says a lot about your way of clicks and captures. Try to choose the background that best explains your product view to the customers. It is the need of the hour to resent your products through images in a very refined and enticing manner.

This becomes more convenient if you have tooled the right place behind your product. People pay more heed to the surroundings and this factor may allow you to grab their attention to stick them to your product.

The most common background is black and white because you can easily edit your product photography in the future. But, you can use one of these or create other backgrounds as per your product requirement and choice. Just make sure to choose the one that best showcases your product and its appearance.

Expose the Product from All Dimensions

Giving a thorough and detailed view of the product to your customer can develop a sense of trust and reliability. As it also makes your customer feel more confident about the purchase and return. So, try to explain the product from different dimensions to clear all the perspectives for creating knowledgeable support for the customers.

One of the key factors is to make pictures from each angle and let play with your camera for a better scenic view. However, if you are working with those products that require some additional support or thing to withstand along with them, then try to use the support that leverage with more lucidity in the product photography.

Edit like a Pro

Editing is the thing that takes your photography to the next level and makes it unique in its own way. This is the place where you can turn your creativity on and let it flow with the desired results.

You might be thinking about what you can do in editing your product photography. Some of the most common things that can be used in editing:

  • Color correction
  • Crop
  • Retouching
  • White balance adjustment
  • Set the contrast and exposure
  • Manage the color saturation and vibrancy
  • Focus on image sharpness

All these are not determined editing tricks. You can transit them as per your photo requirements. Furthermore, there are also many apps, software, and photo editing programs that might help you to get easier, instant, and professional photo editing of your product.

Depict the Real Image

Sometimes, it is quite common that things are shown differently as they are in real. It is quite confusing for the customer and this is the most wrenching fact of e-commerce.

But, the best thing to combat this negative point is to make the product photo as real as it can be. This will stop misleading details of the photo and increase the trust factor among the customers. Just make your product picture real and influential to add value to your customer's purchase.

Along with that, you can add the details of the product to make it more attractive and realistic. Try to inculcate the features, working, plus points, and even cons of the product in the photos to inculcate the facts for making a fair decision.

Play with More Photos

You can add a variety to images in your product photo by giving it a sense of comparison and explanation at the same time. This can aid the customer to know what it looks like from all the sides and what they can get from it.

Adding more than one picture of your product creates clarity in analyzing.  You can use the different pictures that may describe your product as a whole and attach other product photos for giving variety and reduce ambiguity in customers’ minds.


All in all, having the desire to make your product more worthy in customer’s eyes, increase your turnover, and boost working on e-commerce platforms is quite possible with the above-stated tricks.

We have described these 10 tips to have good product photos for Amazon and other E-commerce platforms backed with research and facts. You can give them a try and get set go for better learning and earning experience simultaneously.

Tool these tips right away to make your photography more enticing, impactful, attractive, and catchy for the customers. Good luck!!! 

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