Why Amazon Product Photography in China?



According to many online sellers especially those who are selling on Amazon FBA, Amazon product photography in China may be one the most difficult areas to deal with.

Although there are so many freelanced Amazon product photography in major cities in China such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai now-a-day and e-commerce product photography is becoming more accessible, because of the increased number of photographers, finding a great product photography who has strong Amazon product photography background, expertise, and really knows your needs is not as easy as you think - it requires a lot of “error testing” to find one that can work together in a long-term.

In general, an Amazon product listing contains 7 photos that includes a white background main product photo, 3 infographic photos and 3 lifestyle scene photos. In the product photography industry, we usually call it a “Package” or a “Full Package” because this number of photos is how many you actually need in the product listing. The price range for a “Package” or a “Full Package” varies a lot, and it depends on so many factors but the following are some major factors:


Amazon Product Photography China_Photographer2

Expertise of Amazon product photographer in China
Like most professional product photographers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, each Amazon product photographer is unique and has different set of skills and experience, there are essential skills that a good photographer must have to provide a successful product photography job:

Deep understanding of online shopper buying psychology
This is another important factor to determine if an company of the Amazon product photography in China is capable of help you succeed in the online business. In the E-commerce World, what we most concern in the day-to-day metrics is our product’s click through rate and sales conversion rate. A capable photographer for Amazon product shooting should be an expert in these e-commerce metrics with great experiences. They not only have to know the e-commerce terms but experience and face the different day-to-day e-commerce challenges just like you and all online sellers do.

Proactive communication with clients
Did you have this experience?

1. You found a few similar product photographers on the Google search.
2. You then picked the one who charge the least because you believe that it would save you product photography cost.
3. You placed the order, sent them the product sample, and told them all detailed information about your private label product such as your product features, brand stories, expectation and competitions, etc.
4. You then waited and hoped for the best.

Most of these company who handles the Amazon product photography in China just do not care or bother to spend time to read your long list of your product information or “brand story”.


Amazon Product Photography China_Rocket Sales

Choosing between product photographers is no difference than doing your initial product research as in your very e-commerce journey. It is very important to find a good photographer who would really take time to understand your needs. Having a right photographer not only can save you tremendous money but also valuable time – you have to find a good Amazon product photography in China would have effective communication with their client and treat all projects just like their own private label products.

Selling products at Amazon depends on many things – good product images, quality items, and efficient marketing, etcetera. Good photographs improve the chances to grab more attention for you online. Therefore, pay attention to it.

Hire a professional to do Amazon product photography in China for you. It will save you cost and brighten your chances to make more profit and become a successful Amazon FBA seller.