Amazon Product Photography Tips

Amazon Product Photography Tips - 3 Proven Ways To Skyrocket Your Amazon Product Click Through Rate


Amazon product photography tips


Attracting buyers to your Amazon listing can seem like a difficult process.  You can create your listing, take your Amazon product photography, employ a rigorous digital marketing campaign to advertise your product, and still suffer from a lack of buyers.  One of the main keys to boosting sales and getting your product higher ranking on Amazon’s search results page is to boost your Amazon product click through rate by great Amazon Product Photography.  We’ll go over what your Amazon product click through rate is and the top three proven ways to raise it through the roof.


What Is Click Through Rate?

Your Amazon product click through rate (CTR) is the percentage of the people who actually click on your product when they view your product on Amazon’s search results page (Impressions).  While a higher CTR obviously means that more people are viewing your product and potentially buying it, increasing your CTR also has the added effect of improving your standing in the search results page.  Therefore, optimizing your Amazon product CTR will make your digital marketing campaign even more effective and increase sales exponentially (lower PPC costs in the long run).

A good CTR is usually at the level of 10% and above.  If your CTR is below 2%, you’re going to need to make some serious improvements.  By following a few proven ways to boost your Amazon product CTR, you can easily raise your CTR to a higher level.

There are many ways to boost your Amazon product CTR, but there are 3 that prove most effective to get immediate results.  After all, many factors such as increasing positive reviews and optimizing pricing are largely out of your control.  By following these 3 tips, you’ll skyrocket your Amazon product click through rate and stand out from the rest of the crowd.


1. High Resolution Amazon Product Photography

In the mind of your potential customers, the quality of your Amazon product photography is heavily associated with the quality of your product itself.  The higher resolution your Amazon product photography are, the higher quality your product appears (don’t get me wrong).  While all of your product photos should be optimized, the Amazon product photography is the most important photo to optimize.  This is because the main Amazon product photography is the only photo your customers will see when they view the Amazon search results page. If Amazon customers don’t even click on your product main photo to your product listing, all your hard work on your sub photos and bullet points would be a complete waste of time.



Amazon customers usually associate a low resolution main Amazon product photography with a cheap or inferior product. By taking high resolution product photos that meet or exceed customer’s expectations, you can instantly improve your Amazon product CTR.  Taking a photo of your product with an iPhone is not going to result in a good enough quality photo to do your product justice.  Invest in a session with a professional photographer or rent a high-quality camera to ensure that your product photo is up to par.

If you have any questions or needs for Amazon Product Photography for your FBA business, contact us any time so we can help you with your Amazon Product Photography.


2. Beside Good Amazon Product Photography - Only Include Relevant Search Keywords In Product Title

While having a high resolution Amazon Product Photography will help your product stand out in terms of quality, you need to optimize your product title in order to get your product to show up in search results in the first place.  When crafting your product title, you want the right balance of keywords in order to attract customers.  Always ensure that your product title only includes relevant search keywords. I have seen a lot of guides out there teaching Amazon sellers to stuff as many keywords in order to get the most impressions, even from unrelated search terms.

Your Amazon product title should begin and describe with your main keyword phrase exactly as it is.  For example, if your product is “electric coffee cup warmer”, do not stuff keywords like “Wooden cup”, “ Travel Mug", or “Coffee maker”, etc. (you get the idea). Be sure to choose a phrase that’s optimized for keyword ranking but also accurately describes your product.

Casting a wide net with general keywords is not the right move, as your product may end up showing up in search results that are not related to your product.  You want to use keywords that are as relevant as possible in order to ensure that it only appears to customers who are actively searching for your product.  If you use vague or stuffed keywords that cause your product to show up in irrelevant searches, then customers will simply ignore your Amazon Product Photography and lower your CTR and the Amazon A9 algorithm will penalize your product listing by a lower ranking as a result.


3. Differentiate Your Amazon Product Photography 

Not only should your Amazon product photography be high resolution, but it should also be differentiated from the rest of the Amazon Product Photography that show up on the search results.  After all, if a customer sees 20 images of identical looking electrical coffee cup warmers, your product is not going to catch their eye.

Amazon does have several main Amazon product photography guidelines that all sellers have to follow, which can make it a bit tricky to stand out.  Your main image needs to include a pure white background and take up 85% of the frame.  However, there is plenty of wiggle room within this to help your product stand out.  The first thing you need to do is examine the Amazon Product Photography of your closest competitors. Take the time to study the Amazon Product Photography of the best sellers in your product category to ensure that your photo is different enough from theirs – whether including your packaging box, product accessories, a close up of the features, etc. will dramatically improve its CTR compared to the others.

Another ways you can differentiate your Amazon product photography is to add a graphic reflection effect to catch the eye or use professional lighting to help your image shine.  Take the product photo from a better angle to show off your product’s dimensions.  This will draw the eye and make your Amazon Product Photography seem more dynamic than the other Amazon Product Photography on the search results page – always be creative.

While you may have the highest quality product at the lowest prices, you’re not going to get anywhere without knowing the rules of digital marketing.  Click through rate is an integral part of driving traffic to your Amazon listing and Amazon product photography so employing methods to boost your CTR is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign.  If you follow these three proven ways to skyrocket your Amazon product click through rate, you’ll drive quality traffic to your listing and boost your conversion rate.